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Poole Pottery

In 1873 Jesse Carter bought a derelict pottery in Poole Dorset and the pottery remains in the same location today. In 1895 the Carter family bought out a competitors factory for £2000. Jesse Carter retired in 1901 and control of the two factories was handed over to 2 of his sons Charles and Owen. The next 20 years saw numerous comings and goings.

During the 2nd World War things weren't good as the Government took a dim view of fancy goods.
1954 saw contemporary "freeform" pieces designed by Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham these "freeform" pieces were hand thrown and hand painted. In 1958 Robert Jefferson was appointed as its designer and he developed a whole new range of Studio Ware which became known as the Delphis range and was launched in the 1960's. In 1964 the company became part of the Pilkinton Group and became known as the Poole Pottery Ltd.

Today the Poole factory is a healthy company and has recently developed a Pottery Museum and a thriving Collectors Club