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Lladro Figures

Lladro started out as a small artisan workshop in the mid 1950s in Valencia, Spain. Its founding members are Juan, Jos and Vicente Lladro, three brothers born within a humble family. Today, all Lladro creations are made in Porcelain City, a complex of artisan workshops of 100,000 m2 where 2,000 artists work

Throughout its history, Lladro has maintained an entirely hand-made process of manufacturing. The clay modeled by the sculptor becomes porcelain, and is later carefully painted before entering the kiln. This is where the fire miraculously transforms the raw piece into a figurine as fragile as it is eternal. Lladro makes extraordinarily varied pieces offering infinite possibilities for decor and gifts. Its unmistakable style, without losing the virtues of the best porcelain from the past, admirably expresses the sensibility of the present