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History of David Evans Jewellers Shop Cardigan

David Evans and Sons Gifts, Homeware, Tableware and Jewellery

The jewellery shop was established in 1884 by David Evans who returned injured from sea to start a new enterprise. Over the years the firm gained in stature and established its name in Cardigan as synonymous with jewellery.

original jewellery shop now ceramics, glass, crystal and tableware as well as jewellery.David Evans married to Abigail had 5 children William, Jack, Tom, Ivor and Annie. David Evans died at a young age and for many years the business was run by his widow who in turn passed it on to Annie and Willie Evans (Willie and Annie Watch) Willie being the one that did clock and watch repairs and was also in charge of the town clock until his Death in 1963. Annie knowing the likes and dislikes of her discerning customers, Annie died in 1980 and the business was passed on to her niece and nephew Peggy and David. Peggy and Lavinia (David's wife) ran the business together.

In 1982 it was decided to include china and glass & this was opened adjacent to the jewellery shop which still kept with its century of character and charm. The new unit by contrast, provided a background of graceful elegance for the high quality of china and crystal. 1993 saw the retirement of Peggy but David and Lavinia carried on, and in 1999 they decided the china shop was too small and this saw another development when an extension was added, adding 200% extra floor space.

The jewellery and china has now become well known and has gone from strength to strength. This is an old established family business which prides itself on 1st Class service to its customers and stocks almost all well known brands in china pottery and crystal. David & Lavinia have 2 Children Alison and Neil, and it is Neil who designed the original web site.